Skateboard Lessons in Berkshire

Location: Sol Joel skatepark (Map), Desborough Park (Map) or anywhere your like!

Prices (per person)

1 hour lesson: from £55

We run Skateboard lessons anywhere in Berkshire that takes your fancy, but if your looking for the perfect spot then we recommend either Sol Joel skatepark (Earley) or Desborough Park (maidenhead) skatepark.

Sol Joel (Earley) skatepark was Opened in 2011 and features a street section, bowl and a rhythm run.

The skatepark is great for beginners as there is enough space and mellow transition to practice on, just make sure you go at less busy times. The street section features quarter pipes, flat banks, with a rail and hubbas, driveway with ledge and kicker with a rail. Joined onto the street section is a rectangular bowl with some kinks in the side and an extension on one corner. Also joined to the bowl is the rhythm section that is made up of two quarter pipes, jump box, roll overs and a keyhole gap.

Sol Joel skatepark is a great medium sized park that has a bit of everything. The surface is really smooth and has some nice flowing long lines.

Desborough Park (Maidenhead) skatepark opened in 2013. It is a smooth concrete park featuring basic transition and a small street section.

The park features a stair set, hand rail, hubba, platform with a bowled edge, small hip, flat banks and quarter pipes. a perfect little park for beginners learning to get the basics down.

This is a fun little park and is a perfect place to practise the basics. The park is small so try to come at quite times.

We offer:

Beginner lessons help you to learn the basics of skateboarding. Things like how to stand on your board, push, turn and slow down. Then moving into basic tricks like popping the board up and catching it to hippy jumps and finger flips. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn and progress in just one lesson.

Intermediate sessions start taking you through the different stances on the board and the different styles of tricks. With a bit of guidance, good practice and helpful tips it wont be long until you have landed a stack of tricks.

Advanced coaching sessions gives you detailed feedback on tricks and techniques, with video analysis, helpful guidance and tips. These advanced sessions will help push you and your abilities in a safe and constructive way. The advanced sessions will work on your consistency of tricks and progress you towards the harder tricks in skateboarding. Lines of tricks can be filmed and put into a video part for progression and future sponsors.

We can provide all equipment for beginners if needed free of charge.

The skateboard lesson/ coaching can take place at your local skate park, at a public park near you or even at your home, as long as there is an area of smooth concrete to skate. If you are unsure of a location we can help best advise you.

Private sessions can be 1-to-1, 2-to-1. If you would like to book a bigger group, corporate group or a birthday group please contact us.

Start planning your skateboard session by contacting us with your ideal time, location and number of people attending the session.

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Skateboard Lessons Berkshire

BERKSHIRESkateboard Lessons in BerkshireLocation: Sol Joel skatepark (Map), Desborough Park (Map) or anywhere your like!Prices (per person)1 hour lesson: from

Skateboard Lessons Berkshire