Skateboard Lessons Victoria Park Skatepark

Location: Victoria Park, Grove Road, London E3 5TB

Trick Tech Skateboard Lessons at Victoria Park Skatepark

Victoria park skatepark was constructed in July 2011. Victoria Park skatepark is a good place for beginners to learn as there is plenty of room on the paths around Victoria Park to practice skating on. Beginners can then take these skills into the skatepark which has a small street section with small features to learn on. The skatepark features hips, pump bumps, banks, ledges and a bowled corner.

The skateparks main feature is a huge bowl section with some really nice lines and transitions ranging from 5-8 foot with some sharp hips, clean transitions and a foot of vert in places. It also features the only cradle in London.

Victoria Park skatepark is a good park in a lovely setting. The street section doesn’t have a huge amount of space so try to come at quite times as it can get crowded. The paths around Victoria Park are also fun for beginners to learn and practice on.

Prices (per person)

1 hours lesson: £60

Additional 30 minutes: £15

Additional person: £20

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Q – What happens if there is wet weather?

A – Trick Tech needs at least 24 Hours notice before the start of the lesson to rearrange the lesson due to wet weather, otherwise the lesson will be charged in full due to the booking and costs of the instructor / coach. The lesson can still go ahead in wet weather, make sure to bring suitable clothing.

Q – Can we do a joint lesson with different abilities?

A – Yes we can do joint and group lessons, with different abilities and ages. The session will help each individual work on the skills they need to progress. 

Q – What age do you have to be?

A – We teach as young as 4 years old and have taught people in their 60's. Kids aged 6 and younger will need their own helmet and pads..

Q – Do I have to wear pads and a helmet?

A – You have to wear a helmet and the pads are optional. It is strongly advised to wear all pads and Trick Tech recommends that you do.

Q – Is equipment supplied?

A – Equipment is not supplied for junior skateboard club.

Q – Are instructors / coaches qualified?

A – All our instructors and coaches have been selected due to their professionalism, experience of instructing and coaching as well as their high level of skill and dedication to the sport. All the instructors and coaches have the relevant qualifications, first aid training and DBS checks.

Q – Do I need to be of a certain standard to do a lesson?

A – No you do not need any experience on a skateboard.

Q – Where do I meet my instructor?

A – You instructor / coach will meet you at the location you have booked or have agreed with Trick Tech. You instructor will be looking for you and if need be will call you on the supplied number at the time of booking.

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